1 03, 2016

Your Place of Business is Your Ministry Too!

By |2017-05-03T08:55:57-07:00March 1st, 2016|Pastor Stan|

Too often pastors like myself have unwittingly caused believers to feel that ministry takes place primarily at church services or events. We certainly need people serving and loving others when they come to our church services, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is to be [...]

3 10, 2016

This Ain’t Your Momma’s Music

By |2017-05-03T08:55:51-07:00October 3rd, 2016|Culture, Family, High School, Horizon Families, Middle School, Parents, Youth|

I love music! I love playing any instrument that I can get my hands on, listening to all genres, writing and creating music.  Most of us have our favorite type/ genre of music. We have our favorite artist, favorite albums and favorite songs. Some people [...]

10 05, 2017

Women Rise Up and Take your Place in Ministry!

By |2017-05-10T11:07:11-07:00May 10th, 2017|Church, Leadership, Pastor Stan|

If you think women are weak, read Judges, chapters 4 and 5. Deborah is the nation of Israel’s wise and godly leader. All the men are following her leadership. Jael, also a woman, is the one who shows the warrior heart and defeats the evil [...]