Horizon Youth: What We’re Talking About: Tenacious

David Conlee   -  

Once Upon A Time – Week 3
Session Title: Tenacious
Bottom Line: When it comes to prayer, don’t quit because it’s quiet.
Have you ever wanted something really badly and didn’t get it? A certain birthday present? A new car? A new outfit? Or maybe the answer wasn’t “no”. It was “we’ll see” or “maybe”. Sometimes that’s even more frustrating. What are you supposed to do? Just wait? Keep asking? Give up? A lot of us feel that way when it comes to prayer. Maybe you prayed and nothing happened. Maybe you wonder if God even heard you or if you should just give up and try to figure things out on your own. That’s exactly what some of Jesus’followers were wondering when He launched into one of his famous “Once Upon A Time” moments. It was a story about a man who needed something badly and his only option was to go to a friend in the middle of the night. He wasn’t sure what the answer would be, but he had no other options. And through his story we may just find the courage to pray and keep praying even when it’s silent.
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