It is so wonderful to live in a place where the love of God through Jesus Christ can be shared freely, received joyfully, and lived out openly. We are so blessed in the United States of America. Yet, did you know that 42% of the people in the world do not even have access to the knowledge of who Jesus is? There are over 3 billion people on our planet who aren't aware of the truth, hope, love, peace, and eternal life found in Jesus. Think about the one, the man in China, the little girl in Cambodia, the widow in Ethiopia, the single mom across the street and the homeless man on the corner in Portland, all uniquely created in the image of God. They need so desperately to know of the love of God and that is what Kingdom Builders is all about. We have been given so much and God is calling us to share the good news, feed the poor and send the missionary so that all can know. We give to Kingdom Builders because the Gospel, the love of God and the hope of Christ offers are for everyone everywhere.


Each year over $1 million is given to over 100 missionaries and projects.


Find the full list of upcoming Global Teams trips below.

For information on future trips, general info about Global Teams, and getting involved with Horizon Global Teams, send us your information and our staff will get in touch.


What is Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom Builders is a missions fund to give to Global Missions, Local Missions, and Next Generation Leaders.

What is our goal with Kingdom Builders?

To give to global missions, local missions, and the next generation of leaders in a way Horizon has never tought possible.

What is the difference between tithing and giving to Kingdom Builders?

Tithing is 10% of your income that supports Horizon. Kingdom Builders is giving above and beyond your tithe to help build the Kingdom outside of our church walls.

When and how do I start giving to Kingdom Builders?

Start today.  Give securely online, via the “Church Center App”, or give each week in the offering. Identify what campus you attend and clarify your tithe amount and Kingdom Builders offering.

People can give:

  • A set amount each week, month, or year
  • A set percentage of their income
  • Special gifts from Real estate, stocks or commissions, or any creative ways God blesses you
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