Unique Call
Shared Values

Horizon Community Church started in 1975 at the Ramada Inn (now the Nyberg Woods Mall) in Tualatin, Oregon. The pioneering pastors had a vision for it to be a Bible-based, Spirit-led, genuine, authentic group of Christ-followers who would reach out to others with the love of God. Within two years, the church had grown at such a rapid rate that it became obvious that a permanent location was necessary.
God led the people to purchase the Sagert Farm in Tualatin, still the location of our elementary and middle school. Here they took an existing barn and remodeled it to become the first building for the church. Through the years, the church body added on to that building and started an elementary school as the Spirit of God made it obvious that this church would lead in the community by providing a safe place for children to attend school. The vision for the school included a place for students to grow spiritually and academically.
Eventually the church and school would grow at such a rapid rate that the Sagert campus had to be expanded to accommodate hundreds of believers in the church and hundreds of students as well.
The growing fellowship would soon start on another adventure to secure land at another location and build again. God spoke to our pastor first and said that he wanted to, “Build a great high school to glorify My name.” This new endeavor that the Lord sent Horizon Community Church on would bring about many remarkable miracles as the Lord brought provision to validate His will. Today we have a second, larger campus where our church, high school and pre-school/daycare meet, located on forty acres on Boones Ferry Road in Tualatin.
The story of Horizon Community Church is a great God adventure, in which the people have trusted God and followed by faith in an effort to help others become followers of Jesus. Thousands of people have come to know Christ in the years of the church’s existence and hundreds of people have answered the call of God to give their lives in ministry for the sake of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.
There is nothing like being a part of something bigger and more important than you are. If you are looking for a home church, we invite you to become part of the next exciting chapter that God is writing for Horizon Community Church.


We believe in God, who is three distinct Persons in one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who has revealed Himself in the Bible.
(Mark 1:10-11; Deuteronomy 6:4; Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 12:29-30)

The Father.
He is the loving Creator of all things.
(Genesis 1:1-2; 1 John 3:1)

The Son, Jesus.
He is God come to Earth in the form of man, the only Son of God. It is only through faith in Him that man can have relationship with God and be assured of eternal life.
(1 John 2:2; Ephesians 1:7; John 1:14; Romans 3:25-26)

The Holy Spirit.
He is the Spirit of God Who exalts Jesus and dwells within all those who have been born again. He is our Comforter and Guide, revealing God to us, and empowering us to be witnesses.
(Titus 3:5; Acts 1:8; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Luke 24:49)


All of the Bible is the written Word of God. It is the first authority for our life and faith in Jesus Christ.
(2 Timothy 3:16; Romans 15:4; Acts 17:11-12)

Spiritual Gifts

All spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament are available for the church today.
(1 Corinthians 12:7-11; 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21; 1 Corinthians 14:1-2, 12)

God gives a unique call to each believer and each church. That call encompasses the purposes God has for us to fulfill. At Horizon Community Church, we understand our call to include:
…To be a place of new beginnings, where people regularly have the opportunity to connect or reconnect in relationship with Jesus.
…To be prodigal friendly, a people who are nonjudgmental, accepting, loving and welcoming.
…To be Word and Spirit-oriented, where the Bible is taught and the Spirit draws hearts and changes lives.
…To be a generous place, where the needs of others are considered and where we give beyond ourselves following the example of Jesus.
…To build an interdenominational Christian school that serves the greater community.
…To build great ministries to children and youth.
One does not need to agree wholeheartedly with each and every one of our core values, but in order to preserve and protect our common unity and effectively work together, we must be willing to support and adhere to these values.
Our focus is Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with Him.
We value ongoing, meaningful relationships within the church and beyond.
We are committed to being real people with a real Jesus.
We believe part of God’s plan for us is to laugh and enjoy life.
We are committed to engaging our culture while showing the love of Jesus.
As we learn to apply the Bible to our lives and pray, we become more like Jesus.
This is a safe place where the Good News is shared with grace and truth.
We are called to follow the example of Jesus by loving our neighbors, community and world.
Encouraging people to follow Jesus with their whole heart.