Have you felt a call to vocational ministry? Do you want to learn more about what you believe and why? At Horizon, we believe that helping the people of God pursue the call of God is top priority. That is why we have opened Horizon School of Ministry (HSM). Earn a fully accredited AA, BA, or MA in ministry through online courses at Northwest University while participating in hands-on ministry training at Horizon. All for a fraction of the cost of traditional schooling.


-Graduate with a degree of the highest accreditation
-Mix of online classes, in-person seminars, and hands-on experience
-One-on-one training and mentorship from experienced pastors and directors
-Personal leadership skills: practice spiritual disciplines, develop your mission statement, core values, etc.

-Lifelong relationships: conferences, retreats, regular prayer times, and day-to-day life with other students.
-Networking opportunities and all the tools needed to enter the workforce. Our goal for every ministry graduate is placement in a ministry position in a local church upon graduation
-Highly affordable


Along with determining what degree you are after, decide what track you want to take to get there: Experience or Flex


Our EXPERIENCE TRACK is a full-blown internship that allows you to earn 3 free credit hours per semester! Internship credits (a.k.a. experience practicum) count towards general electives in any of Northwest University’s degree programs – these credits are FREE, which is about a $7,000 savings over the course of 4 years.


Our FLEX TRACK is designed for students who are already more established in life (career, family, etc.) and want to pursue a degree, but cannot commit to the weekly HSM Experience and Internship schedule. Our Horizon School of Ministry Team will work closely with you to find ways for you to earn the 3 credits of internship each semester. Or you can forgo the internship option altogether. (This option will require you to take 8 more classes over the timeline of a 4-year degree.)


Is this even a real college?

Yes! Horizon School of Ministry is a unique partnership program between Horizon Community Church and Northwest University. Northwest is a fully accredited Christian university in Kirkland, WA that has over 20 years of experience with non-traditional education. The courses taken and degrees earned through HSM are the same courses and degrees students earn on the Kirkland campus. Your diploma simply says “Northwest University.” There are no asterisks on your degree or your transcript.

Can I transfer credits?

Yes! Because we are partnered with Northwest University, we accept transfer credits from other accredited institutions. And it works both ways: any courses you take through our program will also transfer to other public and private colleges or universities.

Will I have time for a job?

Yes! Our program is intentionally designed to allow students to work while they are earning their degrees. The majority of our students are paying their own way through school, without assistance from their families. At HSM, we understand that you can’t complete your education if you can’t keep a roof over your head. Our weekly schedule leaves blocks of time to work 20-30 hours per week if you choose Horizon School of Ministry Experience – or a full-time job if you choose Horizon School of Ministry Flex.

How much does it cost?

Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 semesters combined
▪ Tuition ($333 per credit hour)..………......$7,992
▪ Registration Fee ($0/semester) ...…......$0
▪ NPP Program Fee ($1,300/semester)….$2,600
▪ Ministry Practicum Tuition (6 credits)..Free
Total Cost ..............................…................$10,592 for the year

Master’s Degrees vary. Please see the specific degree for more information.

Am I too old for this?

No! We have a full-time track for students between the ages of 18 through the upper 20s. For students who are 29 and up, heads of household or full time parents, we offer a Flex program. Our Flex program is designed for students who want to pursue a degree but cannot commit to the weekly internship schedule at HSM. Our team will work closely with you to find ways for you to earn the 3 credits of internship each semester. Or you can forgo the internship option altogether. (This option will require you to take 8 more classes over the timeline of a 4-year degree.)

What will my Northwest classes look like?

Classes are all online and learning happens asynchronously, so participants can learn on their own time and schedule throughout the week. Every week, assignments will be due at the same time, so it is easy to build a schedule around.

What "hands-on" ministry experience will I receive?

We believe interns are not just extra hands to help stack chairs and organize closets; but are the future leaders of the Church. Thus, our internships are designed to give you as much experience and knowledge as possible.

We offer three different levels of internship depending on your year, what type of ministry you are going into, and what degree track you choose.

Level 1 interns focus on the church as a whole, learning the values that drive what we do and why, and observing each ministry.

Level 2 interns focus on specific ministries to serve in and get "behind-the scenes" with that leader.

Level 3 interns are given "high-challenge" roles within the ministry they are focused on or are able to design their own internship depending on what degree they are graduating with.

What does a typical week look like at HSM?

We are currently designing the weekly schedule for HSM Fall 2024! Click the button to fill out the interest form and we'll get back to you with an exact schedule as soon as it is finalized!

Your schedule will have things like:
-Weekly Leadership & Development Class: grow and develop skills as a leader, helpful for any future job
-Life Skills Masterclass: real-world skills like financial planning, job interview skills, conflict resolution, etc.

-Bible study and prayer groups: build relationships with other students centered on your faith and encourage one another
-Study Hall: set aside an hour daily to work on homework, read class materials, study, etc.
-Ministry Practicum: work alongside pastors and directors to accomplish meaningful ministry at Horizon

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