Horizon is a generous church. Each year over $500,000 is given to ministries and projects beyond our church, right here in the southwest Portland area and extending around the world. We believe that “to whom much is given, much is required,” (Luke12:48) and because we have been given much, we want to be a blessing to others by giving back, honoring God and His blessing in this way.

In our services, we will pass offering bags in which those attending can drop their tithes and offerings. If you’re a guest at Horizon, you can feel free to let these bags pass by you.

If you’d like to give your tithe, an offering, or a donation to any of the ministries or projects we support, we have giving envelopes you can use to designate your gifts or take with you to give and mail from home. They are postage paid for your convenience.

If you aren’t carrying cash or a checkbook in service, we have a variety of options for you to give using your bank card, all through SecureGive, a leading source in electronic giving for churches and one you can feel safe and secure using. Use your web-enabled phone or mobile device to give in service or anytime on our website or through the Horizon Community Church and SecureGive apps. At our Tualatin and Sherwood campuses we have giving kiosks you can visit to give using your bank card as well.

For those interested in giving by text message, we have a safe, secure method for you also. Simply text the words Tithe1 (Tualatin campus), Tithe2 (Sherwood campus), or Tithe3 (Esperanza) and a donation amount to this number: (888) 241-2419. (Example: “Tithe1 25” for a $25 gift to tithes at Tualatin). After your first text you will be prompted to log into an existing SecureGive account you have with us or start a new one. You can also text to Missions1, 2 or 3 depending on your campus, or to Special1, 2 or 3 for a designated gift.

Thanks for being a generous and giving church. Your donations are building the Kingdom of God here in the southwest Portland area and around the world!