That is What it is All About!

Stan Russell   -  

I am still in the afterglow of last Sunday, 2.10.  We had a great day with joy and salvation in the house. I wanted you to see this note that I received from someone who was a first time attender at our church:

“My son and I are both so glad we went on Sunday. It was a pleasure listening to you. It was such a beautiful message and couldn’t have been more relevant. When you asked us to raise our hand if we were ready to accept Jesus in our hearts and lives, it brought tears to my eyes to see (yes, I peeked just a little) my son raise his hand without hesitation. It was a great feeling to see your words touched him as deeply as they touched me! I look forward to coming again this Sunday.”

That is what it is all about!
Also someone was curious, so below is a list of the Twenty New Things at Horizon for our “2.10 The New Horizon” emphasis.   It is interesting to note that there are ten ministry and ten facility or upgrade items.  We didn’t really think about balancing the two, but after prayer and thought to choose the items, this is what we ended up with.
Grace and Truth
Pastor Stan
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