Redefining Social Media

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Are you a hi-fi parent living in a wi-fi world?  When it comes to social media do you feel overwhelmed and a bit lost?  My grandma doesn’t use a computer, never mind engaging in social media.  She just knows that “you get on the box and look up pictures on that ‘MySpaceBook’ thing!”  Perhaps you can relate!
In a post from Jon Acuff over on, Jon offers this helpful tip:

If you ever want to sound old when it comes to discussing technology, just add the word “the” before you say the name of it. Watch, I’ll show you:
I like to watch my soaps on “the television.”
My kids are on “the Facebook.”
I like “the Twitter.”
Even as I typed those three examples, I felt old fashioned, like I was blogging from within a Cracker Barrel. (The popular restaurant chain, not the barrels in which we all keep our crackers.)

Jon Acuff, a prolific blogger and public speaker goes on to give some helpful tips for parents seeking to understand and navigate the world of social media.
Read Jon’s helpful tips at:
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