Horizon Youth: What We’re Talking About: Head of the Table

David Conlee   -  

Session Title: Head Of The Table
Bottom Line: Nothing values humanity like humility.
Do you ever have arguments with someone in your head? Of course you do. Maybe you’re annoyed at your teacher or your mom or even a friend and, in your mind, you totally let them have it. You win every time. Why? Because nearly all of our conversations or fights or mental dramas are based on one idea that sits in the back of our minds. We think, “I’m smarter than them. I’m right.” Or maybe you think maybe you’re just cooler or more talented or more popular. Maybe you’re more spiritual than them. In any case, we always win the argument in our minds because, in some way or another, we believe we’re better. And that’s not a new thing. Jesus once went to a dinner party where the guests had similar feelings. Each believed he was better than someone around him, and they acted accordingly. As He often did, Jesus addressed the very thing in the room that no one was talking about—status. And what He said has the power to forever change the way we rank ourselves and those around us.
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