Parenting Well in a Messy World – Part 2

Josh Davis   -  

Happy Thursday!
Wasn’t part 1 so good! As I was reading and thinking of what my priorities are, I was convicted that there are times when I allow my priorities to get out of line. It was a good reminder to make sure that I constantly am thinking about what my priorities are and what they should be.
This week Adam writes about fighting for simplicity. Here is a sneak peak of what he is going to his in this week’s short read. He gives some great ideas for how to fight to keep life simple and not let the burden of business bury you.

Week 2
Human beings tend to make things harder than they need to be. We can’t even seem
to make simplicity simple. The tension here is that we live in a world that can easily come crashing down on us with events, meetings, and commitments, and we eventually get to the point where we look at our calendars and are challenged to find even a few minutes to be with our children.

This is not good.

So let’s talk about how to make simplicity happen. I honestly believe that when I carry out these three easy practices on a consistent basis, I end up with more than enough time to invest in my child.
Here it is, part 2. Enjoy!

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