Parenting Well in a Messy World – Part 4

Josh Davis   -  

Good morning! I hope this series is helping you parent better in this messy world. Today we are jumping into part 4 of the series. If you missed part 1part 2, or part 3 make sure that you go back and start from the beginning. This is a great series that will help you look at how you parent, but also give you great advice on becoming a better parent. Take some time and pray over how God would have you become an even better parent than you are right now. Our goal is to get our kids to be in a growing relationship with Christ.
Week 4
This week Adam challenges parents to “Create a Rhythm.” It can be difficult with all the things we have vying for our time on a daily basis: work, school, sports, dance… the list goes on I’m sure for each family. He talks about the importance of creating a rhythm to help build lasting memories with your kids. Enjoy this weeks post and let us know your thoughts by commenting below or contacting us.
Here is part 4.
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