Losing Your Marbles

David Conlee   -  

At the Orange Conference last year, I learned that kids have 936 weeks from birth until they graduate. This is illustrated by a jar full of marbles, one for each week until they theoretically leave home and our care. Because when you count the weeks you have left with a kid, you stand a better chance of making your weeks count.
Being that our boys were already two when we adopted them, I was down to 824 marbles! And now, I’m down to 769. Yikes! Time truly flies by.
Right now, some parents are at two, or three, or four marbles left. Graduation is coming, the caps and gowns have arrived, invitations have been sent, and you’re holding on to those precious few marbles that remain. I can’t even imagine!
For me, each marble that comes out of the jars we have at home are like a badge of honor. We survived another week of potty-training, transitions from pacifiers and blankies, and cribs and toddler beds. I earned each of those marbles, and some of them felt like the longest week of my life!
But when I see that I only have 769/936 remaining, it helps me stay focused on making each week, each day, each moment count. Because someday I’ll be down to 4 marbles, and I can’t put any back in the jar, once they’re gone, they’re gone.
So today’s conversations matter. Our family Bible reading time matters tonight. Wyatt’s prayers for his friend’s family matter. Levi praying before dinner or asking for prayer for his ow-ies matters. I don’t want to miss these moments.
I’m losing my marbles. But I want to make each one count!
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