2015 Kids Camp – Day 1

Josh Davis   -  

 Well, we made it through Day 1. It was a long day for our kiddos, but they did great! It took us about 6.5 hours to get here with stops for the bathroom and lunch. But we made it happen. The kids were great and they were excited to be at camp. New friendships are already blossoming which is so cool. We got acquainted with the layout of camp and had some free time before dinner tonight. After dinner kids created their flags and a chant for their cabin. The girls are “God’s Ladies” and they are lady bug themed. The boys… Well they were boys. Our team name is “World War Beagle.” Don’t ask me why or what it means, but we made it happen. 
In our first session we read through the story of Jacob’s wrestling match in Geneais chapter 32:22. Pastor Dave told us how we God wants us to be transformed. We all sin and that sin keeps us from God. But Gods sent Jesus to allow us to be with God, because God wants us to be His child. 
Check out some of the fun we had today and stay tuned for more later this week! 
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