2015 Kids Camp – Day 2

Josh Davis   -  

When you hear rustling at 5:30am you know it’s going to be a long day. The boys were up and at ’em this morning by about 6:15… The wake up bell is set for 7:15. So they must have slept well. The girls had a good night with not too much late night chatter. Miss Shandal read the girls a book and it put them to sleep.
Chapel this morning was great. We read through the story of Nicodemus
in John 3. We learned that God has a gift for us, but we need to receive it. Like a Christmas present that was given to us. We need to take it. When we take that gift, the gift of salvation, and we ask Jesus in our hearts, we become born again. We have our spiritual birth, hence born again.
During the boys cabin devotion time today we talked about transformation and they listed off things that transform. They saw that after things transform they don’t look the same. We too when we are transformed and born again should not look the same or act the same but be like that of Jesus.
Day time activities included the lake for the boys and staying at camp today for the girls. Both boys and girls had a blast but were worn out by the sun.
Our game tonight was pretty crazy! We built boats out of cardboard that the counsellors had to be in and slide down a hill on. It was all going well until I sat on a razor blade and had to make a trip to the ER. 5 stitches later and I’m back ready to go.
In chapel tonight the kids learned that in order to transform, you need to turn from your sin and turn to Jesus.
In Genesis 19:21 is the story of Lot’s wife. She couldn’t let go of her sin and it cost her, her life. Sin causes us to look at the thing that would destroy us, rather that to the thing that would save us. This is why we cannot change until we are free from sin. If our sin is not forgiven then our hearts get stuck in hate, revenge, jealousy and selfishness. And when our hearts are filled with these things we cannot live with God forever.
It was a great day lots of fun and even more will happen tomorrow!

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