What Bible Do You Use?

Josh Davis   -  

I had a converstation with a parent a few months back regarding what Bible they should get their child. That is a great question! That fact that this parent was wanting to get their child, who was asking for, a Bible is such a big step in a child’s spiritual development. Where to start can be tough though. Dan Scott says this in his article 5 Ways to Get Kids Excited about Reading the Bible:

Some parents cringe when they think about getting a story-based Bible for their kids. They wonder if they’re really teaching them the Bible or just making the Bible seem like a bunch of fictional stories. But kids — especially preschoolers — may be hearing these stories for the very first time! Reading a standard Bible with its advanced vocabulary and complex details won’t connect developmentally with young minds that need images and smaller words to help bring these timeless stories to life.

In the article, Dan goes on to give some great ways to get your engaged in reading their Bible. I think it is important for parents to find a bible that works for their kids. If your child is not a reader, but loves images, the Action Bible may be a great one for your child. Please note some of the graphics are intense, so I recommend looking through it before your child to make sure the imagery is not too much for them.  I got to connect with kid last year at summer camp who was in my cabin. The boy was a great kids, but struggled at times staying on task. One of the kids in our cabin had an Action Bible and this one particular child fell in love with this Bible. It was a great way for him to engage with God’s word in a way that worked for him. I had to ask him multiple times to put the Bible down because we were headed to do something else that need his full attention.
For your toddlers and pre-schoolers, a great Bible for them might be one that you read together or that you read to them. There are some great options out there. Maybe your family is a digital family that likes doing things on mobile devices or tablets. Our Resources page has a great digital app called The Bible App for Kids. Its a great interactive, story-based Bible that uses game-theory to help kids want to go back and experience the stories over and over.
When it comes down to it though, you want to get your child a Bible they will read or that you can read with them.
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