Sedentary & Safe?

Elliot Otteson   -  

Feeling a little sedentary & safe?
One thing I love about the Bible: How surprisingly daring it is. 
One might imagine a faith of sedentary safety having only one glance at the “religious” section of Target’s greeting card isle.
I wrestled with that a bit as a kid. You know, those cute little verse fragments paired flower arrangements a “Precious Moments” child. Just google that one: “precious moments children”
Growing up I would read stories of bare-knuckled glory & adventure throughout the Bible, yet pop-culture always seemed to convey an opposite message.
In the place of King Jesus’ call to “Take up your cross and follow me” stood a cultural translation of boredom in the chairs of a dead religious building. 
In the place of the living Son of God who had once been tortured to death for his people, stood the portrait of a blue-eyed, Vogue model with perfect hair.
In the place of Jesus’ mission of educating and empowering people with God’s authority stood a message of ambiguity and permission to stay home.
Thankfully, God’s message for us couldn’t be further from the above persuasions we might pick up from pop-culture or the that silly religious greeting cards section. 
In the record of Luke, chapter 10, we see Jesus sending 72 of his followers into a region “As lambs in the midst of wolves” to preach about God’s Kingdom. With no money or travel supplies beyond a walking stick, Jesus armed them with the authority of HIS power to force healing upon sick people and to cast out evil spirits from oppressed people’s lives. 
This is only one example of the King of a daring call we see in the Bible.
This is the call that costs us everything yet contagiously causes our and others souls to come alive. 
In the Bible, we read endless eye-witness accounts like the above climaxing in the words of the Jesus just after he came back to life from crucifixion on the third day (just like he said he would):
“Go into the world”
“Make disciples”
“Baptize them in the name of God”
“Teaching them everything I’ve taught you”
“I will be with you the whole time”
The call of King Jesus is is dangerous, daring, ambitious & empowering. 
Jesus will promptly show you to the way to take up your own cross where you’ll die to yourself in a pain of glory. And the wreckage of your old identity will be abandoned for the power of his authority which he, Jesus will give you.
You might find yourself in a conversation with someone and heal their oppression whether literally or figuratively. You might catch yourself with a following people looking to understand Jesus more through your life and responses.
You’ll find yourself wise beyond your years and your ears finally opened to hear God’s voice and direct leadership.
Where to start? Try the YouVersion App in the Apple and Google Play store and follow along in Life Journal reading plan where you’ll be lead through the Bible annually. You’ll hear God’s voice and learn how to understand his call on your life.
Yes, this call is dangerously daring, but it’s also ambitious and empowering.
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