5 Creative Ways to Memorize Scripture

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Well, it’s about that time. We made it guys, we are now over half way through summer. For some of you parents, summer is a special time for awesome vacations, super cool traditions and brand new recipes only fit for the good weather! But for the rest of you, there comes the time in which you are actually anticipating the upcoming school year. The days in which there comes balance and constant routine. Let’s face it kids are kids and sometimes it isn’t always easy keeping them entertained. While it is okay to let their imagination run wild and encourage them to “go out and play” there is also a time in which some creative ideas can become useful. So the next time your child uses the phrase “I am bored” you can be sure to give them something for them to do by trying out a few of these fun ideas. Not only will it keep them busy but it will also incorporate the memorization of some scripture as well!!! So get out there try some of these ideas, maybe give us a few of your own and enjoy the rest of the time you have at home with your kids!
MATERIALS: paper, pen, music
This idea is actually super simple and is borrowed from our curriculum we currently used called “The Story” Pick a scripture, such as John 3:16, write down one word per piece of construction paper and place on the ground in a circle. Draw something special such as a star or cross on one piece of paper and place in the mix of the words. Next, as music is played have the children walk around the circle until the music stops. Whoever stops either on or closest to the special star gets to choose someone in the circle to say the verse starting from which ever word they are standing on. Whoever cannot say the verse when called upon is out. This continues until either all kids know the verse or until there is only one child left.
2. Memory Verse Match
Materials: Paper cut into squares or blank index cards, marker or pen
Pick out a verse that isn’t too short (i.e. you want one that is longer so that there is more matches to find) using a sheet of paper cut into 6 squares, or using index cards, write down a phrase at a time on two sheets (so that there is a match for each phrase) Example: Psalm 4:8 // I will both// lie down and sleep // in peace // for you alone // O Lord // make me dwell // in safety. After you are done writing the verse on the cards mix them up and lay them face down on the ground. Next have your child find the matchings of the verse in order, having them repeat the verse every time they find the right match.
3. Memory Verse Pass
Materials: something to pass or throw (I.e. football, potato or an egg)
Pick a verse to memorize, say it two or three times together then begin to pass the object back and forth between however many people you have saying only one word at a time, if someone forgets you have to start over, if a person drops the object they have to say the entire verse alone before starting over again.
4. Jigsaw Puzzle
Materials: cardboard (large or small) sharpie or marker
The easiest of them all. Begin by picking a verse to use, write the verse out on the cardboard. Afterwards cut the cardboard in various shapes and directions creating a jigsaw creation all its own.
5. Act it Out
No Materials Needed
This is by far involves the most amount of creativity of them all. Start out by picking a great memory verse. Next break down the scripture into parts, then create your own hand motions to describe what the verse is saying. Allow kids to express themselves to the fullest of their ability, working together to make the verse easy to memorize.
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