Snapchat Discipleship

Sarah Otteson   -  

Social media is the booming industry of our day. Every week there is a fresh new update or new filter that keeps its users on their toes.
What I love about social media is it creates amazing opportunities to reach and build relationships with young people. It really doesn’t take too much effort to “like” a post and drop a quick comment telling one of my girls she is beautiful or one of our guys how proud we are of them. I love it!
As youth staff, I want our students to know we are their biggest cheerleaders and are always just a text or direct message away.
Inanimate objects are always what you make it. Is money evil? Are guns bad? Is food gluttonous? Are mirrors self consuming?
Social media can easily be used to destroy character and relationships but can also be forged in such a way that builds community and a culture of encouragement, influencing the people in our worlds. 
I get so pumped when I come home after a Youth night and see Snapchat and Instagram flooded with posts from our gatherings. Think of the impact over time that will be to all the people who follow each of our students. It isn’t the in all end all, but it is a reachable stepping stone, bridging the gap to the arms of Jesus.
Who knows what kind of cool social media stuff they will come up with next, but as a community whose hearts are completely for this generation, I say, bring it on! The more platforms to display the glory of Jesus, the better!
I encourage you, be an encourager! It takes 30 seconds tops.
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