Four Christmas Crafts

Sarah Otteson   -  

Decorating for Christmas is the creative outlet of the year for me. I love taking simple (free!) items and using them in such a way to bring joy and whimsy to the halls of my home for Christmas.
I figured it would be fun to share our house with you and hopefully inspire some creativity in your home! This season is the perfect opportunity to host a get together and use something really simple to build community and relationships with people.
I remember as a kid always hosting craft days during Christmas and looking back now, I see that my mom totally used it to mingle with other parents. If you have younger kids, this could be that moment you’ve been looking for to connect with families. Perhaps you’re a parent of middle school or high school students, and wishing your kids could find an opportunity to spend some time together with the family. Or maybe you are a student and you are feeling the host/hostess vibes and want to have a little workshop with your friends at home!
Here are a couple easy decor ideas I’ve made up for funzies in the Otteson Home:
1. Pine Cone Garland – 
What you will need: Pinecones, string, oven.
Gather pinecones from the forest or backyard, roast them in the oven to dehydrate. Tie to string. Hang with thumb tac!

2. Tape Pennants –
What you will need: White Duct Tape, string.
Cut strips of tape. Place sticky side up on table. Fold into itself. Cut desired shape!

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3. Homestead Stockings – 
What you will need: Old ski sock, fabric (washcloth, old shirt, napkin, whatever is lying around the house), needle & thread or safety pin.
Cut the desired letter and fasten!

4. Old Fashioned Ornaments – 
What you will need: Ornaments (dollar tree), old sheets or washcloth, glue gun.
Cut strips and glue around to cover ornament!

What are some of your favorite Christmas creative hacks? I love that grand creativity doesn’t demand a grand budget. The best creativity is found when we just use what we have and bring people along for the fun!
So plan a cocoa party with your squad or for your kid’s friends! Enjoy the season for all it’s worth and have a Merry Christmas!

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