Why Kids Church?

Kelley Stine   -  

Why does your child benefit by being in “their” church each week?
I recently spent a couple weeks in awe watching and tearing up at my daughter’s participation in a Christian Youth Theater program. She truly was amazing. I was reminded by Pastor Stan that back when she was two she sang on stage in church with the kid’s choir for the first time. After the kids song she stepped forward and declared loudly with arms outstretched, “I DID IT!” The congregation laughed heartily, and she was very blessed. I had a moment of thinking that all her experiences in church had really been setting her up for this success. She has been there almost every week since her birth. She has many great relationships with adults, older kids and younger kids. She has been placed in positions of servanthood and leadership. She has had occasional on stage opportunities and helps to lead worship for the kid’s church now.
At Horizon, we strive hard to offer a great early childhood program for your kids. Our rooms are not just a holding tank or free babysitting. We, and by we I mean all the volunteers who bring about the success of our rooms, enable kids to function socially and emotionally inside and outside of our walls. I truly believe that this carries on throughout their life. We do it by building positive relationships, modeling positive behavior, complementing each other and the kids and creating a community. We do it by providing supportive environments: comfortable classrooms, supportive routines, predictive schedules and procedures. These all aid in a child feeling comfortable and being able to open up and be engaging. Why do we say the same prayer for snack? Because the kids will learn it and say it with us and feel a part of the community.
The best part of all, the cherry on top and the biggest slice of pie: we get to teach your children the Bible and and all about Jesus. And boy, do they know the name Jesus! Just ask a three year old a Bible question, and 95% of the time the answer will be “Jesus.”
I can’t wait to see what is next in store for both my kids and your kids and I am very grateful for a church family who has contributed so mightily in their lives so far.
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