The 3 P’s

Kelley Stine   -  

Let’s decide to start the New Year off right. After spending many days straight with my girls during several snow and ice events, I realized we can all work on behaving more like we want others to behave (do unto others as you would want done to you).  Here are a few traits I want to focus on and I would encourage you to do the same:

Patience – waiting your turn, giving others time to take their turn in their way, and just waiting in general. Kids need to learn patience.  As adults we need it too. In fact, I think the most amount of frustration in my life stems from not being patient.
Politeness – it is always appropriate to be polite. Please and thank you, eye contact when listening and speaking, even holding doors and smiling at others in public.  We have all experienced or seen a young child hide their face or scowl when some adult acknowledges them. We need to work on teaching our kids that a smile and a nod will suffice and a hello back is even better.
Pleasantness – finding joy in wherever you may be. I know all situations are not equal and it is hard to see joy sometimes but I promise you it is there.  I have been working on this with my kids and I feel like I have seen good results.  Whenever a complaint comes out of their mouth I ask if they can find the joy in the situation.  Usually it is about how their sister has the toy they want. But there is so much joy to be found in that situation, for example: you have a sister, you have toys, you have time to play, etc. Another complaint they have is about long drives. The joy could be time with each other, how we live in a beautiful place, there is time to think or read, we are going somewhere you want, we have a car, etc.  As adults we need to find the joy too, be a bit more “cup half full”, and find the bright side.  It really does make a difference and helps increase patience and politeness as well.

Well that’s what I will be working on this year.  Please join me and my kids on reinforcing these traits.  I think they could all end up being a little contagious!
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