Finding the Right Question

Elliot Otteson   -  

We all face decision points in our lives that cause us to stop and contemplate. Sometimes it’s a decision that will cause you to consult a friend or google search answers from another person’s perspective.
In the prophet Jeremiah’s time, people would often come forward and say things like “God told me this is what you should do.” Have you ever had a friend who seemed to have an answer for virtually every problem in life? If you’re like me, you might even be that person with lots of emotionally charged opinions and ideas.
The funny thing is, I have a finite mind, and oftentimes don’t realize it in the moment. I’ll speak out my opinion openly and even commit to an idea without considering our unfailing connection to our all-knowing wise God.
The prophet Jeremiah writes, “You should keep asking each other, ‘What is the Lord’s answer?’ or ‘What is He saying?’”
Instead of getting trigger happy and just going with your gut, God is making himself available to help us keep from making the same mistake the ancient Israelites were making: trusting wisdom not directly from His word.
Instead of submitting to any general direction that seems to make sense, God is drawing us to seek His wisdom from above. It’s all about asking the right questions, as shown in the above reading. When faced with a big decision, we must remain practical and identify whether or not God has truly revealed the best choice through the whole counsel of scripture, maybe a life circumstance, and/or tested Godly counsel.
In this place, are hearts are opened for God to speak. And listening to God, and gleaning from His wisdom brings us to the no-regrets life.
So the next time you’re faced with a decision, take a moment to stop and ask God, “What is your answer?” & “What are you saying?”
He will speak.
Jesus affirms that if we ask of Him, we will receive. If we seek, we’ll find. And if we knock on God’s proverbial front door, He will open it to us.
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