How can a jar of Mayo lead a kid to Jesus?  Mayo is nasty (sorry not sorry)! Few things will make me gag faster than a glob of mayo in a sandwich or a burger.  I just don’t like it.  I see very little use for mayo beyond mixing a minimal amount into tuna or egg salad.  Beyond that, I’ll pass.  So how can mayo lead a kid to Jesus?
1. Fun is currency
You may have noticed that at least once a month we are doing silly and fun themes in Horizon Kids, and that is very strategic.  I believe that when kids are having fun, they’re more likely to hear what we are trying to say.  If church is fun, they’ll want to be there.  And if they’re in church, we have a chance to share Jesus and plant the seed of Good News in their hearts.  So for me, fun is the price of admission to a kid’s heart.
Cinco de Mayo is going to be FUN!  We are going to have some silly, messy, gross games using mayo and it is sure to get your kid(s) laughing.
2. Friends might come
Some kids will have a hard time inviting a friend to church.  Some friends might turn down an invite to church.  But few kids will pass up the opportunity to have fun.  Whether it’s the world’s longest banana split, football Sunday, or Cinco de Mayo, we want to give an easy opportunity for kids to invite their friends to church.  And if we get their kids having fun, maybe we can also introduce them to Jesus.
The bottom line is that we want to encourage kids to follow Jesus with their whole heart.  That’s the end game.  Everything we do should point to that goal.  But that doesn’t happen overnight.  It doesn’t even happen in a moment when kids repeat a salvation prayer.  It happens over time.  And if kids have fun along the way, they are more likely to continue their faith journey.  And if one of the fruits of the Spirit is joy, then can’t we have some fun at church?
Your kid will have fun at our Cinco de MAYO party on May 5th during all of our gatherings.  So get them there, and maybe invite some of their friends to join you.
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