Whatever your skill set, whatever you have learned through experience and hard work, give it away! If you do, you will find that surprisingly one of the great joys in life comes from giving away what you have learned.
Some people might think, “don’t give away the trade secrets” or even “let them earn it the hard way like I did.”  But when you have the heart to bless others by sharing with them the important lessons you have learned, you get the biggest part of the blessing!  I have been helped by so many before me and I know what their contribution has meant for me. I have also had the opportunity to give in the past and have felt the joy of seeing others succeed in areas because I have invested. It is a blast!
This week at Horizon Community Church we will host our first ever Touchpoint Conference. We have invited pastors in for a three day weekend here at Horizon. The staff at Horizon and I will pour into ten pastors and their spouses, sharing with them many of the valuable lessons and principles that we have learned along the way through hard work, success and trial and error through the years. Then we will take them on Sunday to observe our services, see all of our departments function, (youth, singles, children, senior citizens, etc.). After it all, we will debrief and answer their questions. My hope is that we can bless these mostly young pastors with encouragement, hope, tools and trust in their mighty God to do great things through their lives and in their churches.
It has taken a ton of work to get ready for this weekend, but I am excited and I can’t wait, because to give it away is to make a bigger impact for the kingdom of God.

 Philippians 4:9
The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. (NASU)

Grace and Truth,
Stan Russell
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