Wait on God, He Will Come Through!

Stan Russell   -  

Do you have a problem that you need God’s help with? Call out to Him. Keep calling and wait on Him and He will answer you.
Psalm 38:15 says, “I wait for you, O Lord; you will answer, O Lord my God.” (NIV)
My wife Karen has a hummingbird feeder in our back yard. For about two years she couldn’t get any hummingbirds interested in drinking the pure sweet nectar concoction that she was making for them. Can you believe that? No takers and all that goodness for free!  Then one day it happened. One came, then another and another. Within a few weeks it became known throughout the hummingbird community that there was a place where they could get their fowl thirst satisfied. It was the Russell residence. Now we have become the most preferred restaurant around, kind of like Red Robin you might say! So much so that they clamor, they fight, and there are often multiples on the feeder. Why? Because Karen always keeps their food fresh and available. Winter sets in and the birds are still here non-stop.
But today something a bit strange happened. They weren’t coming. That is all of them stopped coming but one. That little hummingbird just sat there on the wire next to the feeder for hour upon hour for what seemed like a couple of days. We had never seen that before. Where were the other birds and why was this one little bird just sitting there and waiting? As it turns out, the liquid in the feeder was frozen and the birds couldn’t get it out of the feeder. Karen eventually noticed this, thawed the feeder in the house,  repositioned it outside again, and the little guy who had been waiting around reappeared and started feeding right away.
As I thought about this, it dawned on me that the little bird waited it out. Unlike the others, he was confident that the food would be available again soon. It’s almost like he knew that his provider had been faithful in the past and he was going to hang in there until provision came again. He waited and sure enough, Karen eventually came through.
It made me think of our provider, almighty God. You can count on Him. When we pray and wait on Him for His answers and provision, He will come through. The bible says in Isaiah 30:18: “The Lord wants to show his mercy to you. He wants to rise and comfort you. The Lord is a fair God and everyone who waits for his help will be happy.” (NCV)
So pray and wait on Him and He will come through.
Isaiah 40:30: But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. (TLB)
Grace and Truth,
Pastor Stan